Our Go Karts

Here you can find some information about our karts.

Adult Kart

  • Caroli 270cc 9 BHP.
  • This kart is well built both in terms of performance and safety. Adjustable seat, rear axel protection, safety frame, manoeuvrable steering panel, neck protection and safety belt etc.
  • Minimum driver height 160cm.

Child Kart

  • Caroli 160cc 5.5 BHP.
  • Same specs as the adult kart.
  • Minimum driver height 130cm.


  • Electrically powered
  • Suitable for smaller children from 110 cm and disabled drivers.
  • When using the CabKart all children and disabled drivers must be accompanied by a responsible non-disabled adult driver.
  • Minimum passenger height 110 cm.
  • At the moment we have four karts of this type.

Track closed

Track Closed

Ordinary Open Hours

Monday - Friday 12 - 20
Saturday 11 - 20
Sunday 11 - 17