Open Competition

When you want to take your knowledge and ability to the next level!

The thinking behind the open competitions is that EVERYONE should drive for the fun of it. You don´t have to be a professional to take part. The competition is of a relaxed nature and everyone is there to enjoy themselves.
Considerate drivers are always welcome, the other kind are sure to be welcome someplace else.

The competions take place on predetermined Mondays and you can see the upcoming race dates in the column to the right.


3 credits or 500 Sek

To think about

The only requirements are that you drive an adult kart, are 15 years of age or older and that you have driven with us at least two times previously.

Notifications is made on site. Notification is not possible after 18.10.

A briefing is held at 18.15 for those drivers that have not driven in the Open Competition before.
The race starts 18.30.

Set Up

  • Drivers briefing
  • Practice heat 6 laps - drivers get the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the track and the karts.
  • Qualifying heat 10 laps - your best lap time determines your starting position in the final.
  • Final 22 laps - joint start, 2 alternative track passes and the first driver across the finish line wins.
  • Prize giving - medals awarded to the winners on the winners rostrum.
  • Group photograph

Who will be crowned Gothenburg´s go-kart champion 2021?


Participating in the league is optional and does not cost anything extra.

After every race you are awarded points based on your position eg.
1st = 25 points, 5th = 20 poäng, 15th = 10 points and so on.

At least one point is awarded for participation in every race. The goal is to amass as many points as possible.

Read the rules for the Open Competition


Participants in the league compete over the following prizes.

  • 1:st place - 20 credits to the value of 2600 Sek
  • 2:nd place - 18 credits to the value of 2340 Sek
  • 3:rd place - 16 credits to the value of 2080 Sek
  • 4:th place - 14 credits to the value of 1820 Sek
  • 5:th place - 13 credits to the value of 1690 Sek
  • 6:th place - 12 credits to the value of 1560 Sek
  • 7:th place - 11 credits to the value of 1430 Sek
  • 8:th place - 10 credits to the value of 1300 Sek
  • 9:th place - 9 credits to the value of 1170 Sek
  • 10:th place - 8 credits to the value of 1040 Sek
  • 11:th place - 7 credits to the value of 910 Sek
  • 12:th place - 6 credits to the value of 780 Sek
  • 13:th place - 5 credits to the value of 650 Sek
  • 14:th place - 4 credits to the value of 520 Sek
  • 15:th place - 3 credits to the value of 390 Sek

Open Competition dates 2020

27 Jan, 3 Feb, 2 March, 30 March, 27 April, 25 May, 29 June, 31 Aug, 28 Sept, 2 Nov, 30 Nov

Track closed

Track Closed

Ordinary Open Hours

Monday - Friday 12 - 20
Saturday 11 - 20
Sunday 11 - 17